Finally, A welcome story

After days of browsing, thinking, trying, wandering…. Haha… Not so important  though, I finally find a name to this blog.

But why matcha? What is it anyway?
Matcha means green tea powder, used in tea ceremony and attended only by special rank family. Sort of things.

How does it taste like? Hmmm… For me, it is uniquely bitter with typical aroma, for me. Mix it with ice cream, pancake, chocolate, or make a latte with it: awesome!

And why does it have to do with “story” and not recipe?
Because I can’t cook, period. I make this blog especially for a writing project with friends in a support group. I thank them for making a request to leave comments, while in my previous blog, such feature is available only for user^^ I don’t think people would even read my words, though… Many thanks for the support, my senior writers in Mari Menulis =)

Let’s keep on collecting stars!!!


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