Long Weekend Day 3

It’s Saturday and I’m staying home all day long. The only “trip” I made today was to the convenience store and drug store, doing some errands for Mom. She’s been suffering from a toothache for a whole week. Totally disaster. She is a dentist herself, but even a dentist could have a toothache and need help for a treatment.

The main agenda today is to take care of my little one, not to make the same mistake of leaving him alone that result in him falling off the bed. So I and Mom take turn in babysitting. Well, one said that it’s very normal for baby to fall off from bed, and never in the history there is a baby who never fall. But still, regretting is useless.

Ah, I’m hungry tonight… Will someone be kind enough to treat me a supper? Lol.

Have a nice day, Everyone =)


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