Long Weekend Day 4 – the end

The last day of consecutive holidays… Time to prepare for tomorrow’s routine again. Back to reality, back to the hectic morning and so on. Not so busy, just some poor time management, I guess.

Today, I wanted to forget those things that makes me down. But still, time is yet to heal the wounded soul. When it’s not aching doesn’t mean it’s completely healed. At those times, I wish I am numb for my own pain but not others, but how come?

Sooner or later the world will know. But will it matters? I’m not the only one who experience this kind of thing. Others might be worse and they still continue on living.

I don’t live in war, I still laugh, eat and shop as I will. I have everything except one. Why so sad? Why worried?

Count your bless and you’ll know you have so much to thank for to Allah.


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