For things that seems impossible,, believe it or not, Allah knows. But He waits. He doesn’t ignore things, for He is the All-knowing of everything in this universe.

For you to meet someone special who will love you as you are, treat you like a lady, and love your whole family as idmf his own… It will happen. Maybe someday, as long as you keep on believing.

I try my best for now, to count what I already have. I’m trying to realize that I am blessed with many good things in life others might never thought of having in their life.

Simply said, thanks for being in my life, guys… Thanks for encouraging me to write again. It’s like a therapy, to stay sane.
Mba Za, Butik Eka, kakak Wanty, mba Tikha, mas Arif, mas Rizki, kakak Olif, sis Rere, mas Arsa and mba Wulan


9 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. Ada namaku disebut 😥
    What ever our condition, always remember all Will be finish. QS Al Baqarah 286 Dia tidak pernah memberi cobaan melebihi kapasitas makhluknya :*

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