After a while – love

Fall in love again after a while…

How would it be if such things really happening?
For long before this all happened, I had to admit that I start to disbelieve in real love. Here comes 2D anime characters that became my interest.

Just call him Mako. A 2nd graders of senior high, brunette hairs and hazel eyes. Gentle smiles and warm personality makes him one of the husband material characters ever!

He loves to swim. His specialty is backstroke. His symbol is orca and it seems like his favorite color is green.

Looking at him makes me remember green tea. Maybe he’s one of the reason I fall in love with matcha. I don’t know for sure but either way is fine.

He’s soon to enter 3rd grade, and maybe he will need to focus on study rather than taking care of his swimming club.

Anyway, whatever he will be in the future, he will never grow old. Hahhaaa…
That’s why 2D chara is awesome. And pathetic at the same time.

Just because loving real person fails, doesn’t mean real love doesn’t exist, Ras…

Meet Mako =)


11 thoughts on “After a while – love

  1. Jatuh cinta pd karakter fiksi? Hmmm kayaknya banyak yg kayak gitu. Tp jangan kelewat obsesif ya hehehe… Kalo karakternya kuat banget, emang kita seolah-olah bisa ikut merasakan suka duka yg dialami si karakter, ikut menyelami kehidupannya, yg sebenarnya hanya fiksi. Hebat penulis yg bisa seperti itu.


    1. Wah HEBAT tu pake bgttt utk anime2 jepang yg booming di tumblr, mas. Basis fandomnya itu lho yg makin menghidupkan karakter2 favorit mrk. Bikin fan fiction segala. Dengan segala AU (alternate universe) nya, hehehehe… Lho kan sampe ada yg nikah sama karakter 2D kan ya?


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