Woman Without Closet

Can you imagine a life of a woman without her closet full of clothes? Have you watched Sex and the City? Even the problem of “not enough closet” to keep her dresses, shoes, jewelry, bags and other stuffs could lead to fight between husband and wife. And finally the husband make a whole new closet, JUST FOR HER.

It’s like paradise.

And here I am, since yesterday I’ve been dealing with clothes. Call it the dirty one, clean one, messy one. You name it. I bought a vacuum bag to keep the clothes I rarely use so I can clear some spaces for the one I use a lot.. But then, I don’t know. Still find it messy, or it’s like, I don’t have clothes to wear while the truth is I have the whole closet full of clothes!!

I’ve been thinking of buying some smaller organizer box to keep my clothes, so I can see through it.

But idea takes budget…..


13 thoughts on “Woman Without Closet

  1. Sudah beli organizer baju yg tutup mika belum, , aku kemarin kepikiran juga itu waktu kamu cerita. Tak disangka rumah mungilku ini terasa semakin sesak waktu 2 lemari bajuku datang hikz, , , boros tempatt. . .


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