Live like a cup of Coffee

Everyone wants to be happy. Who’s not? To smile, to laugh, to have enough food to eat, money to buy things, to have a healthy body to enjoy those things. But then, how many of us have such things completely? Maybe just 1%, or no one ever have EVERYTHING. You may see someone live so happy that they never look sad. Do they really never feel sad in life? I wonder. Maybe they are just too good to hide it from your sight.

Or maybe someone who complains so much like they are the never have good things happen, is that so true? Nah, I wonder. Life is fair. Allah knows better than you thought is good.

Okay, back to the title. To live a life like a cup of Coffee… It’s bitter, it’s not sweet. Yet it has so many lovers that willing to pay a lot of cash to enjoy that bitterness. It’s elite, it’s exclusive. It’s classy.

Some people needs such “bitterness” to add flavor in their life. To stay awake at night, to help them think, to find inspiration, or just to add some enjoyment. As a part of a lifestyle. Coffee might kill, but in some tolerable dose, it’s good for life^^

I love instant coffee, that’s as far as I can afford. Being in a condition to breastfeed makes me reduce my coffee dose to just once a week or less. I hope. Well, some books said that coffee is not healthy for breastfeeding mother, but sometimes I just can’t help the temptation to sip a cup of a bottle of an instant coffee. Yet enduring something teach you to be stronger to hold on your desire, dear new mother =)


Just survive! It won’t last forever. You’ll be able to sip your lovely coffee again soon enough. Life might be bitter to you but trust me it teaches you to be stronger. Too much sweetness might kill, like diabetes did.


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