Ramadhan: It’s you and the Qur’an

Here it comes, the honorable guest Muslims around the world has waited. Marhaban yaa Ramadhan, the holy month. The month of fasting. But above everything, it’s the month of Qur’an. That’s because the Holy Book of Muslims were delivered in the month of Ramadhan. Last but not least, there is Lailatul Qadar. The greatest night which is better than thousand months.

Surely the first question I have to ask myself in this blessing month of Ramadhan, how will I intensify my interaction with Qur’an? How will I fix the forgotten verses? How will I make it my priorities over gadget and much other stuff?

It’s the guidance of life. Qur’an is like the answer of everything in your life, Ras. Yet if you don’t manage to have “good relationship”with it, then how can you expect your life to go smooth and peaceful? Nah, one thing to fix: Murojaah!

Murojaah means repeatedly rehearse your memorised verse of Qur’an. If you already memorised one juz of Qur’an, then read it again, again and again. With or without looking at the text itself. It may sound easy but not exactly is. I’ve failed many times before to continously make it as a habit, as a daily routine. I was kinda diligent at a time, then next certain period of time, I lost it at all. I felt like I knew this verses or that. But I just can’t recite if perfectly when needed.

My main goal of this Ramadhan is to rehearse juz 1 to 9 plus 30, so it takes 10 juz in total. Two juz per day, by looking or not looking at all to the Book. It’s been the second day, and it’s still a long way to go, along with breastfeeding, and back to routine when my current holiday is over. It’s not gonna be easy, but who said it can’t be done? Allah will help. Allah is always there. Just pray and see how it works like a miracle.

You may have a rest, but don’t give up and keep going on. Fighting!


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