Wake up, Get up, Stand Up!


Up, up, up!! Make the best of your day by waking up early and plan your to-do list for the entire day! Open your eyes and say a little prayer, that it’s because of Allah you have another chance to see the world. That you are still breathing, that He resurrects you after the ‘death’ and that to Him you will return.

Indeed it’s not easy to ‘take off’ from your lovely fluffy cozy bed like it’s calling you to stay all day with it but that’s your first struggle in the morning =) a fight against yourself. Your laziness, your tiredness and the duty that awaits you. But the early bird gets the worm, isn’t it? So, once again, wake up and get up!!

You may have made a good start, but why you still fail and lose? You start to think that there’s something wrong with yourself and you may have lost your appetite to be the first and just… Let it flow. But please remember one thing: even water have direction to where it goes. One said that it will eventually end up in the sea. Then, same with us. We will die, sooner or later, young or old, sudden or slow, whatever but the point is dead is inevitable. You will have to face the Hereafter. But the point of which Allah will we willing to allow you to see Him, or will you be the one He won’t even look at is depend on your own deeds, NOW in this mundane world when you still have the chance to choose.

So please, stand up! Be wise, make a smart choice in life that you will devote yourself in the Right path. Keep going straight, no matter how difficult your road is. You may stumble and fall at a time, but maybe the next day is your time to shine. Hmmm… Shine bright like a diamond in the sky? Why not!!

Smile, even though your heart is aching… =) it’s a long journey and one little pebble should not stop you. Pick it, keep it as a memento. That you passed this road and you keep going!!

Bismillah… A message for myself =)


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