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Dear Exes, I Can’t Thank You Enough For The Past We Had –

This kind of letters really brightened my afternoon =) 

Indeed, there were beautiful sun shiny days I spent with him. And when things finally falling apart and the remaining days felt like sh*t and I started to regret why I chose him in the first place, indeed I need to learn that his presence teaches me how to grow stronger than ever. 

No woman ever had the thought to eventually become a widow and a single mom when she got married for the first time. But when things turn out to be that way, no other choice but to face the reality and move forward. 

He might be the worst man ever came to my life, but he’s indeed a part of a bigger plan Allah has prepared for me. 

I’ll hold my head up high, and my life will go on. I cried, but I learn to smile even brighter than ever. I fell into depression but I will rise again. Slowly but sure I will 

And I know he will regret every single thing for the rest of his life. =), 

I just know he will. 


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